How to play tatua 3 kenya

It's as easy as 1-2-3! Over Sh0 won so far!

Tatua 3 is a simple game where you can win up to Sh300,000! Simply pick three single-digit numbers from 0-9 in any order you'd like and place your minimum Sh10 bet now. Tatua 3 makes every day exciting with it's hourly draws 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can win 300x your bet with Tatua 3!

That’s it! You will receive your ticket by SMS.

Match 2 or 3 numbers in order and you can win between Sh100 and Sh300,000.

You will receive an sms upon winning, and your winnings will automatically be transferred to your Mpesa account.

Join the 0 lucky people who have won in the last 24 hours!

Odds & Payouts - Example Table

Every bet is split into a "hybrid bet" - 50% is bet on matching 2 numbers and 50% is bet on matching 3 numbers.

Your Bet Your Numbers Winning Numbers Odds Multiplier You would win
Sh10 112 512 1:37 10x Sh100
Sh100 112 117 1:37 10x Sh1,000
Sh1000 112 212 1:37 10x Sh10,000
Sh10 121 121 1:1000 300x Sh3,000
Sh100 112 112 1:1000 300x Sh30,000
Sh1,000 211 211 1:1000 300x Sh300,000